Coffeeshop Series: Favorite Coffee in Dallas

You may or may not be aware, but I’m quite keen on coffee. So, as a way to say goodbye to the place I’ve called home for the last few years, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite spots for coffee in Dallas. 

Café Strada

Nestled right in between the Joule Hotel and Thanksgiving Tower is Café Strada, which is my favorite spot to go for coffee in Dallas on a sunny day. The Euro-style café is mainly the window and covered patio, but there is a small number of tables and seats inside. This is the place you go if you want to enjoy the sunshine and your coffee, and maybe even a little bit of gelato. The only downside? It’s downtown, so parking can be a bit of a drag.

Village Baking Company

This is kinda cheating, but that’s ok. Village Baking Company is a great place to go in the morning for not only coffee, but also tea and more pastries than you could ever imagine. They have croissants, pain au chocolat, kouign amann, palmiers and plenty of other high quality/high-calorie patisseries. They also serve éclairs and dainty viennoiseries in all shapes, sizes and colors, and quiche. The quiche is so damn good, especially when it’s warm (hint: order a quiche).

favorite coffee in Dallas

Coffee in Dallas


Mudsmith is a longtime favorite for coffee in Dallas. Situated on trendy lowest Greenville, it was there before I had a reason to spend the rest of the day in that area. It’s dark, it’s cozy, and it’s covered in outlets. It’s a great place to crank out four presentations and two study guides in three hours (…not that I’ve ever done that before). It closes late, so you don’t have to worry about rushing out at 6. The best part? If it’s not the soundtrack, the animal trophies or the cake pops, it’s gotta be the alcohol, which they serve just as happily as coffee or kombucha.

Coffee in Dallas

Cibo Divino

Cibo Divino means divine food, and that’s exactly what it is. I’ve only been here once or twice, but their coffee is so good that I still remember it. I remember sitting outside on their patio, contentedly sipping a latte that was almost too good to be true. Don’t believe me? Head over there yourself. While you’re at it, pick up any number of delicious cheeses, chocolates or wines. Or maybe an entire meal.

coffee in Dallas

Wild Detectives

WD is my favorite place to post up for those early-afternoon-turned-late-nights. Their coffee is delicious (and effective), their avocado toast is invigorating, especially after hours of studying, and their chai latte is my personal favorite in Dallas. They also serve as one of my favorite places to pick up new reading. That’s right, y’all: the Wild Detectives is a bookstore-bar. While it might be distracting at times to watch an author read from their book while you’re trying to get your homework done, eventually you learn to order a glass of wine and take it in.

coffee in Dallas

What are your favorites for coffee in Dallas?

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