Josephine House: The Best House in Austin

There was once a time when I did not know how wonderful mornings could be. It was a dark time. It was a pre-brunch time. It was a time when “early morning” meant 10:30 or later. It was the time before I discovered that the best house in Austin was not my own, but Josephine’s.

The sister restaurant of the neighboring Jeffrey’s, Josephine House is the perfect place to go in Clarksville for breakfast, lunch, weekend brunch, happy hour or “Monday night steak frites.” In short, Josephine House is the best place in Austin to be at any time meals are being served.


In addition to offering a deliciously eclectic menu, Josephine House boasts one of the most impressive wine lists on the scene. There isn’t a single bottle to be avoided on that menu (disclaimer: I have not yet tried them all. I am working hard to fix this egregious issue.)

The building is picturesque with beautifully styled indoor dining rooms, casually luxurious (and pet-friendly!) outdoor seating and the most wonderfully marbled bar I’ve ever seen. The decor makes me happy just looking at it. josephine-house

It’s hard to pick a favorite meal at Josephine House. Their brunch is hard to beat (the rice bowl and the green juice are personal favorites), their lunch is impeccable (their burger and their burrata are, again, personal favorites) and their special events are the most stylish in town (they hosted a fancy kegger last summer that I’m still dreaming about).

Maybe I’m just a sucker for marbled countertops and Oxford Blue, but Josephine House is perfect to me.

Why haven’t you been to Josephine House yet?

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