Six Days in Washington

I spent six days in Washington, and all I learned was that… I want more time in Washington. I got some time in Seattle and some time in Bellingham (and some time on the infernal highway in between the two, where drivers inexplicably slow down at every curve in the road).  It was beautiful, but something about the perpetual cloud cover and the constant threat of rain made me really appreciate sunshine. 

In Seattle, we attacked Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square and a few other things that tourists do in Seattle. I made sure to take a picture of the original Starbucks as I walked straight past it. My cousin and I ended up at Cherry Street for coffee (because obviously I couldn’t waste this golden opportunity to get coffee in Seattle) and spent a lot of time driving around in a car named Monica. We also went to a haunted bar, and I was really not psyched about that one.

Naturally, she and I ended up watching Twilight (…three times) because that’s what you do when you’re in the Pacific Northwest… right? We also ate a lot. A lot. We ate a lot of king crab and homemade sukiyaki and some insanely yummy pastries and piroshkies and some not-so-yummy jerky. I will happily tell you that food is my highest priority, but the rest of my family would probably tell you that food is the only priority. We’re fairly dedicated to our food.  

After all that, we made it up to Bellingham (remember that highway where everyone slows down at the curves?), which was great. It was teeny, but still so much livelier than I expected it to be. Grocery stores aren’t usually that eventful for me, but I met a harpist dressed in medieval garb and got picked up by a barista within the same five minutes in the same Haggen.  What I wouldn’t give to walk around that campus for four years… 

I also got to spend a hot second in La Conner, which was perfectly picturesque. The Christmas decorations were up (totally normal, seeing as it was mid-December) and they made seeing the little town at sunset absolutely magical. There’s a bunny store on one of the main shopping roads, so I’ll definitely be back. Six days in Washington was just not enough. 

I’ll be back, Washington. See you soon?

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