A Day in Brighton

Brighton holds an unexpectedly high number of great memories for me, given that it’s a beach getaway on another continent. I’ve been privileged enough to spend more than just one day in Brighton, but it’s the most recent one that I’ll be talking to you about! During my most recent trip to London, my family and I took a surprise day trip to Brighton and were blessed with the most perfect day possible–one full of sunshine.

Brighton is only about an hour and a half from London by train, which makes it a perfect day trip! Pulling into the train station is a bit hectic, but the constant presence of the flower shop and food carts make it instantly more homey.a day in Brighton

We didn’t stay in the station for long, though! We headed straight for the pier for a lunch by the sea. And what do you eat when you’re in Brighton? Fish and chips, obviously! We plopped down for a touristy lunch in full view of the beach. What we didn’t know was that we would literally be served an entire cod filet, tail and all! When we were done, we walked down to touch the water. (With our hands, though. The water was cold af and I was not about to walk around on a wet foot.)a day in Brighton

After lunch, we headed back into town to check out the Royal Pavilion and North Laine. As entrance to the Pavilion cost £18 per person, we scurried past it and went straight for the shops. It takes a lot of restraint to leave the North Laine without buying too many things, but I think I did it?

If you’ve ever been to Brighton and Hove, you are aware that there are about a million cute places to get coffee. We didn’t get any coffee, but we did stop in at Blackbird Tea Room on Ship Street. After spending a few hours of Afternoon Tea, we went back into the Lanes and did some more window shopping before grabbing a train back to London.

What would you do during a day in Brighton?

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