Blackbird Tea Room

What do you get when you cross a belated Mother’s Day celebration with Brighton, England? Blackbird Tea Room, of course! As you may have read, we stumbled upon this delightful spot after doing a quick Google search for the best tea in Brighton–we were so spoiled for choice in the realm of cute coffee shops that we had no choice but to consult the internet. Because we got there in the mid-afternoon, we didn’t give much thought to a full meal, although their menu was quite enticing. (I could smell their Greedy Sandwich as soon as it came out of the kitchen!)Because it’s such a popular spot, we sat on the back patio for 30 minutes or so before getting a table on the second floor. The patio wasn’t so bad, especially because of the supremely British toddler getting tea with her grandmother at the table behind us. She was preciously precocious in every way.patio at Blackbird tea roomOnce we finally made it upstairs, we ordered pots of tea, cakes and one order of Afternoon Tea. Absolutely everything on the table was fantastic. The double chocolate cake was perfectly moist and dark, and the blackbird cake (a Victoria sponge with raspberry and cream filling) was so flavorful that I can still taste it. The tea sandwiches were winners as well, even though we shared one order of them four ways! tea at Blackbird tea rooms

I wish I could show you the interior of the building, but everywhere you looked, there were people enjoying their afternoon tea, and I didn’t want to interrupt that. Let me paint you a picture: steep, narrow stairs; big street-facing windows and the biggest window seat you’ve never seen; antique radios and art decorating the walls; and 20 happy people, chattering away while being served the yummiest tea. It’s places like these that inspire me to open up my own little shop! (And trust me, this is exactly what we did. Texas would certainly benefit from a tea shop like this.) Ugh! I wish I could just pop down there now. Blackbird Tea Room would be perfect for a rainy day, a sunny day, or any kind of day. I am certainly considering starting up a daily practice of afternoon tea! Look out, wallet, it’s comin’ for ya…

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