God Save the Cream

Have you ever eaten a piece of cake that made you unbelievably happy? One that made you realize that every dessert you’d eaten up until that point paled in comparison? One that made you ~Believe In Love~ again? If your answer is yes, then I assume you’ve eaten at God Save the Cream. 

God Save the Cream is one of the gems of Brussels. It’s a quaint eatery on Rue de Stassart, just behind Place Stéphanie, which houses to a Jo Malone, an Urban Outfitters and a number of high-end stores and hotels. God Save the Cream draws inspiration from quintessentially British foods and tea. Guests order from the dishes behind the glass, which include salads, vegetables and meat dishes. The drink menu is extensive as well! A number of teas and fizzy drinks are available for your slurping pleasure.

Every meal I ordered was served as an “assiette,” which is to say that I received a plate of samples of the dishes behind the glass. It was so much (delicious) food that it was hard to finish… especially because I knew I would be ordering dessert.
God Save the Cream

The desserts were my favorite part. They make carrot cake, which can so often be dry and crumbly and entirely undesirable. Theirs is exactly the opposite. It’s beautiful and moist (OH MY GOD I HATE THAT WORD) and so wonderful that I could eat it forever and never be sad about it. The pièce de la résistance, though, was (and is, as I plan to get back there STAT) the Victoria Sponge Cake. Seriously, it’s so good–I probably ordered it four times in a four month period. (I was walking a lot, ok?)

When I get nostalgic and think about Brussels, God Save the Cream is one of the first things I think about. Anytime someone asks, it’s high on my list of recommendations.

Have you been to God Save the Cream?

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