Coffeeshop Series: Monocle Café

Those of you who read me frequently (thank you and I’m sorry, btw) know that I have a real problem: I find obscene amounts of joy in beautifully presented food and caffeine. Well, not only is the coffee v v pretty at Monocle Café, but fantastically scrumptious. Tucked just off of Baker Street in London, this charming café is nestled among a whole slew of other shops and restaurants. I came to the Monocle Café during a trip to London with a dear friend, who ordered a matcha latte to my café latte. She also ordered a chocolate chip cookie, and I ordered a cardamom bun, both of which were gone within two minutes. (This is a bit of a sore topic for me, as I’ve since switched to a miserable no-bread/no-sugar diet. #tears.) The café is rather small, and we worried a bit about whether we’d be able to sit down and enjoy our drinks, but luckily we snagged a seat on the lower level! Monocle Café

Photo via Monocle.
Photo via Monocle.

Aside from the warm drinks, the rest of the menu is mouthwatering. Not only are there plenty of cakes, cookies and snacks, but Monocle has a fully fledged menu with delights like the avocado/halloumi sandwich, a grilled cheese, Japanese and Scandinavian breakfasts and muesli. Besides their Allpress coffee and teas, there’s a lot of alcohol behind the bar; you can order a gin and tonic, aperol spritz or some Italian wine, if you’re so inclined! (As they have happy hour every day, I imagine that a lot of people are enticed by this situation.)

There are two Monocle Cafés; one in London and another (the first!) in Tokyo, Japan. The mother brand Monocle is a magazine that focuses on “keeping an eye and an ear on the world.” It’s an incredibly varied brand; what started as 10 annual publications grew into more seasonal publications, books, travel guides, a 24-hour radio station, shops and a conference series. The magazine focuses its (v detail-oriented) attention on global events, business, travel, culture and design. Copies of the magazines abound inside the Monocle Café! I wish they’d set one up in the U.S.! I’ll be dreaming about that cardamom bun for months…monocle café

I can’t wait to go back! Have you ever been to the Monocle Café in London?

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