Lake City, Colorado

Lake City, Colorado is the county seat of Hinsdale County in Colorado. It was named for the nearby Lake San Cristobal. And–fun fact–the year-round population hovers around 400. It’s also the place that I’ve spent at least part of most of my summers since I was about 8. 

Lake City is right in the center of a whole bunch of mountain passes. That means that if you go far enough in any direction, you will find a mountain to climb or a hike to some amazing views. Mountains surround the town on all sides, and Lake San Cristobal lies just south of town. The trailhead of Uncompahgre Peak is a short 45-minute jaunt away. Henson Creek and the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River run through town. It’s just a beautiful li’l place, ok?

You find old relics here, like this here old industrial boiler. It was left on the uninhabited side of the river. (This side of the river has, naturally, since been inhabited.)

There’s a magic in the quaintness about this place. Kids run free all over the place. Wi-fi is sparse, and it’s even harder to come by a reliable cell signal. That means that the wine flows, and the conversation flows faster. You see just as many people with leashes in their hands as you see cones of ice cream. In the summertime, the population swells to over 1000, especially around Fourth of July Weekend. There’s a parade and fireworks and a lot of fanfare. But then things quiet down again, as they always do.

Where’s your Lake City?

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