Nordstrom Sale Picks

The best way to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? With a big smile and a wide-open bank account. How am I making my Nordstrom sale picks? At home. In bed. In my dreams. 

When I tell you that this is a dream list of Nordstrom sale picks, let me elaborate on what that means. It means that I’ve got a list that includes wonderfully colorful Kate Spade accessories and glitter boots à la Saint Laurent that would make even Harry Styles green with envy. There’s festival-wear right next to a cape that I might wear to work. There are heels so high, I’ll even hit five feet tall (jokes. I might hit 5’6″). If I could make a movie of my life, I would want to be outfitted by this list.

Even as I write this post, I’m noticing themes: outrageously expensive shoes, gorgeous investment outerwear, lace, suede… in short, I am attracted to impracticality. That’s reassuring. I’ve also noticed that I’m clearly a winter (see: abundance of coats and boots).

The last thing I noticed? I need to steer clear of Nordstrom for now.

Have you made your Nordstrom sale picks yet?

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