Roadtrip Beauty Picks

Road trip beauty is all about miniatures, minimalism and multi-functionality. (Just because I can say that doesn’t mean it’s easy–paring down is my least favorite part of moving around!) If you’re on the move though, it’s got to be done. Here are my picks to make road trip beauty as painless as possible:


First and foremost is a good sunscreen. Neutrogena, Sun Bum and LaNeige are great drugstore options. Shiseido is good if you’re looking for something a little nicer. (Yes, they’re a little pricey, but you get one face. Put on sunscreen.)

Next up is cleanser, and this is probably where your routine is going to take the hardest hit. There’s just no good way to lug a suitcase and a half of cleansers and moisturizers around. Your best bet? Micellar water. My favorite is from La Roche Posay, but Simple makes a great one as well.

In the way of moisturizer, the Priming Moisturizer by Glossier is easy to travel with and comes with a padded ziplock pouch. Kiehl’s, Crème de la Mer, Simple and Clarins are also great options that are fairly easy to travel with.


For hotter/more humid trips, MAC, Benefit and Estée Lauder powder foundations are your best bet. I also like Maybelline and Benefit for liquid/cream options. Laura Mercier wins with the tinted moisturizer with SPF.


Eye pencils are the shit, girls. They’re way easier to store and put on than cream liner. Covergirl and Estée Lauder have great options. If you’re looking for staying power, though, Lancôme’s artliners have you covered, and they won’t budge all day. In the way of mascara, Lancôme’s Définicils is my all-time favorite.


Lip balm and one other lip product are really all I need on road trips. Rosebud salve has been a long-time favorite of mine, as has Kiehl’s. Just make sure that you’ve got something with SPF, because sunburnt lips are the worst!


I have six words to say to you: dry shampoo, dry shampoo, dry shampoo. Batiste makes a great one that comes in several sizes, and Oribe makes a texturizing spray that “smells like vintage Italian apricots, so it’s like investing in a product and a perfume.” The Oribe also comes in a travel size. Otherwise, my favorite way to go is to transfer a little of my usual shampoo/conditioner into mini bottles from Target or the Container Store.

With items from this list, you’ll be ready to jam to all of your road trip playlists and take pictures out the window to your heart’s delight!

The ultimate road trip beauty trick? Water. Drink up!

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