Coffeeshop Series: San Juan Coffee Company

The San Juan Coffee Company in Lake City, Colorado, opened this past May. It took over the spot on Silver Street that Mocha Moose used to inhabit. After hearing rave reviews, this place definitely didn’t disappoint.

I headed here to enjoy quiet time with my thoughts/caffeine, but I doubt this place is ever quiet! Serving an impressive array of coffee, tea, cold drinks, pastries and sandwiches, the San Juan Coffee Company, Inc. is too beloved to be empty. A mix of rustic, desert and minimalist decor adorns the walls. Inside, I saw a mix of locals and tourists alike. That was incredible, given that the population of Lake City swells astronomically in the summer! You could even see it on the Fourth of July, when everyone and their mom had come out to enjoy the sunshine, parade and blizzard of cotton blossoms. (Lake City boasts the largest cottonwood trees in North America!)

San Juan Coffee CompanySan Juan Coffee CompanyThe coffee was fantastic. Even in a latte, I could taste the great beans. I saw an attention to detail and that one wouldn’t really expect to find in a small-town coffeeshop. It was like I hadn’t even left home. The exposed brick walls, barn doors and trophies on the wall sent me straight back to Texas. There was also a giant portrait of a jackalope on the wall that made me v. happy.

Update: I went again. This time, I got a café breve and some quiche, and I was a very happy camper.
It’s always great to support the businesses in Lake City. Behind every cash register, bar or espresso machine is a familiar face. Every face is a friend.  The cell signals and wi-fi aren’t necessarily the strongest, but isn’t that how you want it in a place like this?

San Juan Coffee Company

When are you going to the San Juan Coffee Company?

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