Coffeeshop Series: Five Great Spots for Coffee in Bozeman

What in the world would I do in a world without coffeeshops? I truly don’t have an answer. I’d probably just mope around and be the worst. Luckily, that’s not our reality. As such, I found you five great spots for coffee in Bozeman, Montana. Bonus: they’re all on Main Street, which means you can hit all of them in the same day, if you want! (I did. It was worth it.)

Rockford Coffee

This is a great place to go if you want to see Bozeman. Unlike some other spots on this list, every seat in the house is either outside or in full view of the gorgeous front walk-up. Rockford touts a garage-style door that they open when the weather is nice–which is just about every day, in the summertime. They’ve got their own coffee roaster, which means they’re using and selling their own beans, and it shows. Order a dirty chai, even if you’re not keen on coffee–it’s worth it.

Townshend’s Bozeman Teahouse

Ok, this one isn’t actually the best place to go for coffee in Bozeman. It’s the best place to go for tea, though. In addition to the Bozeman location, Townshend’s appears in several cities in Oregon. Their menu is crazy extensive, with 12 kinds of chai lattes alone! Otherwise, you’ll see black tea, white tea, green tea, pu-erh, oolong, herbal tea and everything in between. Drinks are made from scratch here, so be prepared to be patient.


If you take your coffee a little moodier, head over to Zocalo. They don’t appear to have a website, but you can check out their menu on their Facebook page. Their coffee is yuuuuuummy. Their chai lattes (I am AWARE that this is a recurring theme) are absolutely delicious, but super rich. Beware.

Wild Joe’s

Wild Joe’s is a great place if you’re looking for a lively spot to sit for a while. Their menu is nearly as large as the seating area. Different kinds of tea and coffee drinks are served next to Perrier, salads, donuts, pizza… and the kitchen sink. Where else in Bozeman can you grab coffee and sit in a church pew by a fireplace? Getting on the wi-fi is a little annoying, though–it requires that you watch an ad.

Bagels etc.

Alright, this one is primarily a bagel shop. But have you seen the art out front? I spent ten minutes photographing their front window and would have felt super skeezy for not buying something in return for the joy they brought me. Super friendly waitstaff, great coffee and–what do you know?–boozy beverages to balance out your breakfast.

What are your favorite spots for coffee in Bozeman? Let me know below!

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