Do you ever get asked about your desert island meal? You know, the food that you would choose to eat for the rest of your life if you were stuck on a desert island? Well, I found mine. It’s at Épicerie Café & Grocery in Austin, Texas. 

Épicerie Austin

Anyone who’s been here knows what I’m talking about. The place is on a cool corner lot and it’s got a gorgeous façade with hedges. The sign is simple and easy to understand: you’re about to walk into a fine-ass eatery. Inside it’s sunlit with white chairs and tables made of light wood. There’s a glass container wrapping around the back half of the restaurant with cheese and other goodies that you can buy and take home. There are big windows in the front, so my favorite place to sit is at the tables in the front corner.

My first visit was a bit of an unexpected surprise, and I (mistakenly) thought the place was more casual than it truly was. Fortunately, however, I walked in during off-peak hours on a weekday, so the place wasn’t terribly busy. I ordered avocado toast and a latte and then dreamed about them for weeks. I also didn’t have to eat the rest of the day–there was a lot of avocado and egg on that toast.
I walked into the dining room not really knowing what to expect. Those beautiful viney walls were a little intimidating! Once I sat down, though, the light wood of the tables and floors and the huge front windows made me feel right at home–my sophisticated little home with yummy cheese and beignets all around.

There are so many yummy dishes here.

Have you been to Épicerie yet?

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