Fall Work-Wear 2016

There are few things in life as stressful or as exciting as entering a store at the beginning of fall. Whether you’re hunting for school supplies, new furniture or some wardrobe updates, stress and joy meld together and become a whole new beast. Add that beast to the fact that, for a 20-something, entering the workplace can be difficult for any number of reasons (how do I get experience if everyone wants to hire someone with experience? What if I hate my boss? Do I really have to commute that far in the morning?), and you’ve got a disaster on your hands. One of the most fixable parts of that disaster is figuring out what to wear to work. Here are some (dream) ideas for luxury fall work-wear for 2016. 

Naturally, what you wear to work is impacted by what industry you’re working in. Working as a hedge fund manager? Good for you, but your choices are fairly restricted if you still want to be taken seriously. Play with silhouette rather than color scheme and keep accessories minimalistic (and minimal, for that matter). Brands like Lanvin and Saint Laurent have got you (but, sadly, not me) covered:

When you aren’t dressing to impress as much on a daily basis, your options are a little wider, but not much. Your fall work-wear is a great venue to play with color in a classic silhouette–break the mold without going crazy. My love for the LOFT Utility Blouse knows no bounds; I recently bought four in various colors. (Now that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is over, it’s time for me to settle down and find reliable picks that are gorgeous and within the budget, right? #tears) I’ve made great friends with the petite sections at J. Crew, LOFT and even Express, who have totally picked up their game of late.

Remember who your best friends are, regardless of your budget: your tailor and your steamer.

What’s in your fall work-wear wardrobe?

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