Coffeeshop Series: Where to find the best coffee in Copenhagen

Surprise! Another fantastic set of coffee tips is coming your way. The twist this time is that you’re about to read words written by my sweet friend Laura over at Stinusit! Laura has gone and tested a whole bunch of places for coffee in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is sharing her favorites with us!

When you travel to a new country or even just a new city there are some basic things you need to know before or find out during your trip. If you’re like me, where to find the best coffee is one of those things. You know how everyone always tells you that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? Well, COFFEE is the most important “meal” of my day. And coffee can, in my opinion, replace breakfast. Okay, enough about me and my caffeine addiction… today we’ll actually be talking about where you can get the best coffee in Copenhagen. You know Copenhagen right? The capital of Denmark, the fashion capital of minimalism and the number one on your bucket list as of this moment.


No. 3 – Risteriet

Risteriet means “the roastery.” There are several in the city and all are great, but when you’re on the run, the one located near Halmtorvet is the best. The shop is quite small but it just adds to the cozy vibe of this place. The baristas are friendly and always ready to guide you to your soon-to-be favorite drink.

Have a word with the baristas and they will tell you the customer favorite; a small double latte or a double cappuccino with one of their famous homemade sourdough breads on the side. If you like your coffee strong but still with milk this order is for you. If you are like me–a latte girl to the bone–you’ll want the double in large or just a regular big latte. Also make sure to taste the sourdough bread.


No. 2 – Coffee Collective

There are three Coffee Collectives in Copenhagen and each is special and unique. They roast their own beans (light roasted in the best quality) and sell them in stores as well as serving the coffee. The Coffee Collective placed on Jægersborggade was their first shop and it is also my personal favorite. Here they have no counter and it’s decorated like a personal kitchen. You can watch the baristas do their thing every step of the way. Such a cozy spot!


No. 1 – Original Coffee

This is basically the best coffee experience I’ve ever had. The baristas were sweet and helpful, the coffee was great and don’t even get me started on the view! Oh I forgot to mention? You see, this coffee shop is placed on top of the shopping mall called Illum. So this is actually a rooftop coffee shop and luckily the view doesn’t affect their pricing.

According to the barista the perfect order here is: A double cappuccino or a cortado with a croissant on the side. I can also recommend the latte with hazelnut or an ice coffee if you’re up for something a bit different than the classic cup of coffee.


Bonus tip!

Are you interested in great quality coffee delivered to your door each month? I have the perfect solution for you! Some of my friends, Mikki and Viktor, recently started the Copenhagen based start-up brand: Bean Bros. It’s a subscription-based service all about making freshly roasted specialty coffee available to you, wherever you may live. They are partnering with passionate roast masters from all over to make sure you get the best coffee every month. They already have clients from all over the world and they are killing it as Bean Bosses! So now you know – even if you don’t have the time or money for a trip to Copenhagen, you can still get great coffee everyday!

So did Laura take the guesswork out of finding coffee in Copenhagen for you?

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