Bow Bridge

Today my sweet roomie and I met up at Central Park to get a good walk in. (What’s a better way to spend Labor Day than by ignoring the “hurricane warnings” and walking around leisurely outside?) We came in the south side and walked up to Bow Bridge before turning around for the day. 

After meeting up at some giant-ass rock formations that I never expected to see within the city limits, we stopped at a small cafe (because, surprisingly, I did get hungry after 24 hours of only coffee) and I got an “adult grilled cheese” that I happily scarfed down while walking through the Mall. (Very chic and ladylike of me, I know.) Fun fact: Central Park is absolutely massive. It’s 50 blocks (2.5 miles!) long and half a mile wide. It’s a goal of mine to memorize my favorite parts of Central Park, so this jaunt to Bow Bridge was a great first attempt.

We walked up the Mall, passed some performance artists and made our way over to the Bethesda Terrace. There were tourists and music and runners and horses and all kinds of things. We naturally took photos by the giant fountain. Naturally there were outtakes.

We (along with about a million other tourists) stopped at Bow Bridge to take photos. We got some good ones and some not-so-good ones (there was a particularly slow-moving girl next to us who had her hand in every shot we tried to take), but that’s ok–just another reason to go back. Like I said, Central Park is massive, so we decided to end our visit there for the day and walk back to the south end of the park. Gorgeous as Bow Bridge was today, I can’t wait to go back in the fall and springtime when the leaves have started to turn.

Somewhere along the way, I picked up a useful trick. As I said, the park is two and a half miles long, so what do you do if you find yourself lost somewhere in the middle? Walk up to a lamppost and find the number tag. The first two/three numbers that you’ll see are the street you’re closest to, and the last numbers will tell you what side of the park you’re on–even for east, odd for west. It’s not perfectly precise, but it’s perfectly functional.

P.S. Here’s the “Friends Fountain.” All we needed was a couch, a lamp and four other friends, and we would have been set for a TV show.

P.P.S. Remember when I said there were outtakes?

Have you ever seen Bow Bridge? What’s your favorite part of Central Park?

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