Coffeeshop Series: Bluestone Lane Collective

There’s nothing I love quite like a perfect café, but apparently I’m on the wrong continent for that. Bluestone Lane is a series of cafés and coffeeshops inspired by the coffee culture in Melbourne, Australia–hence why you’ll hear so many Aussie accents from the baristas and employees. The café I’m reviewing is Bluestone Lane Collective Café, which is their outpost in Greenwich Village. It’s clearly a popular, well loved little place, so I was fortunate to get a seat outside! Bluestone Lane

The morning started out really well–I opened my mailbox to a surprise letter from my dad! It was very cute. He put a Handbook for Success in there. All great vibes. And surprise: I ordered a latte.

Second surprise: I ordered their Avocado Smash. From the looks of other people’s plates, it’s an incredibly popular item. It’s also incredibly delicious. I ate all of it. So did the man across from me.

There are a lot of outposts of Bluestone Lane–so many that it wasn’t immediately apparent which one I was talking about when I said “the one downtown.” They have full service cafés (like Collective here) and coffee shops that are focused more on coffee than food. I can’t wait to try out the other Bluestone Lane outposts!

Bluestone LaneBluestone Lane

Have you ever been to Bluestone Lane? What’s your favorite place for coffee in your city?

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