Glossier Product Reviews

So, unless you’ve been living under a fairly sizable rock–a boulder, one might even say–you’ve heard of Glossier. The all-digital, straight-to-consumer, affordable luxury brainchildren of Into the Gloss’s Emily Weiss. And what wonderful brainchildren they are. (And the packaging is just… uuuuugh. So simple and lovely. I love Glossier packaging deeply.)

This review comes just after the release of the Supers, three new post-cleanse/pre-moisturizer serums for your face. I don’t own all the Glossier products–far from it–but I’m a happy owner of a good few, so I wanted to share my experiences with anyone who wants to listen.

The Supers

In buying the Super Pack (which I did), you get all three of their new serums at a package rate. As I’m a sucker for a sale (or, apparently, even the illusion of one), I went ahead and got all three. Super Bounce is by far my favorite. I can instantly see and feel softer, more hydrated skin. I can see it being an excellent travel companion–it’s a teeny bottle, but it would be perfect for use after a long flight. Super Glow is magical as well. My skin seemed a little brighter and a little happier during the day I used it. I have a little less experience with Super Pure. My skin isn’t naturally prone to breakouts, so I don’t think I’ll use it as often as the other two. It’ll definitely get some use though–my skin isn’t quite used to this city air just yet.

Glossier super packMilky Jelly Cleanser

This one is a bit of a toss-up for me. I really like this cleanser–it’s super versatile, easy to travel with and wonderfully gentle on my eyes–but it’s a little bit too drying on my skin for everyday use. Instead, I use a micellar water and gentle makeup remover on off days and use the Milky Jelly Cleanser about every other morning. Is that gross?

Priming Moisturizer

The priming moisturizer is hands-down my favorite Glossier product. Even just a drop leaves my whole face feeling soft, clean and smooth. It isn’t heavy. So far I’ve used it in both the summer and winter (usually not possible for me) with the same contented smile on my face afterward.

Glossier pm and mjc

Boy Brow

The Boy Brow was a super-hyped product. I saw Facebook ads and blogger endorsements galore. Maybe I’m not using this product correctly, but it’s actually not my favorite. It does keep my brows in place, but only for a few hours. I don’t see much definition unless I really coat this stuff on…which is probably the point. It’s just a little bit too natural for me…right now.

Balm Dotcom

Here’s a weird thing about me: I’m pretty picky about my lip products. I have a lot of different moisturizing favorites, but there are some that just don’t do it for me. Unfortunately, I have to say that about the Balm Dotcom. I wanted to love this product. The packaging is great and it comes in different scents like mint and coconut that just take me to another place. I started noticing, however, that my lips were achy and chapped even 30 minutes after applying the balm. This one just doesn’t work for my skin.

Glossier boy brow and generation g

Generation G

This is the only Glossier product that I avoid using. Regardless of the state of my lips before I put it on, Generation G always leaves my lips a little too dry for my liking. I wish I liked this product more–it comes in some beautiful colors, and I love the idea behind it. If it were any more moisturizing, though, the color probably wouldn’t stay as well. Ergh!

All this being said, I love Glossier. I’m excited to try more of their products–the masks, Haloscope and the skin tint are especially calling to me–and I’m rather keen on getting my hands on one of those sweatshirts. Besides all that, I love the ideas and values behind this company. I think that using years’ worth of reviews by real women is the perfect place to start when designing skin care, which is why I’ll keep buying from Glossier, even if there are a few products I’m not in love with. (Also, have you seen that packaging? I would keep the boxes and hang them up, if that weren’t super weird.)

Bonus: each purchase comes delivered in a clear pink, bubble wrap–insulated ziplock bag that is perfect for traveling/airplane security. They’re q clutch. I love them deeply.

What do you think about Glossier products? Have you used them before?

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