October favorites

Sure, October has come and gone, so I’m a little late. I still wanted to share my favorite finds during the spoopiest month.

The Crack-Up. This collection of essays and letters–“a self-portrait of a great writer’s rise and fall”–had me crying from page one. It’s been a slow read (otherwise, I’d just turn into a puddle).

Love is a Dog from Hell, Charles Bukowski. I’m enjoying this as much as I’m hating it, actually. Not psyched about his views on women, but his poetry kicks me right in the stomach sometimes.

New Girl. Is this a surprise? After finishing off Parks & Rec with a flourish and even an hour or two to spare (I watched five seasons in a little under a week. Is that bad?), I needed something new to distract me from how abysmally boring I am. The best “something new”: Schmidt. Schmidt is most-things-I-love-in-a-person–levels of great.

simply_kenna on YouTube/Instagram. I borrowed her makeup tutorial for my Halloween costume–I originally intended to be “Oh Dear!”, but I ended up just being a mediocre fawn. Oops. She’s cool anyway. The Arrivals. My new place of work is their short-term pop-up store in Soho. Make sure you come by, if you’re in the city! They’re also the proud designers of the newest addition to my closet: this lovely leather jacket. I was going to wait to buy for my sales incentives to really kick in, but… they had free embroidery going on the first weekend, and who was I to deprive people of something creepy?

photo via Maman NYC
photo via Maman NYC

Maman. My other new place of work is one of the most precious cafés in town–naturally, it needed a spot on the October favorites list. It’s home to delicious coffee, the cutest mugs around, and my absolute favorite hot chocolate in the city (especially when it’s spiked with lavender. Yum!)!

Anything Herb Lester. Have you seen their super-specific maps and items? They’ve not only got a map for all the reasons you could possibly ever need to drink in Manhattan, but they also have notepads you can pick up from famous fictional hotels. Needless to say, they made it onto the October favorites list. Have at it, kids.

Fall in New York City. Ok, this kinda encompasses a lot. Let me just say that walking the concrete grid isn’t so bad when the sun is in the sky, the thermometers are reading 67º and pumpkins are on everyone’s mind. I’ve had more apple cider doughnuts than I really need to mention, and the cold weather seems to just be screaming at me to drink spiked hot chocolate. I’m more than happy to oblige. It almost has me wishing that Christmastime in New York City would wait just a little bit… almost.

Welp, there go my October favorites! What did you love this month?

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