November favorites

Seriously, can you believe the November favorites are here?! I can’t. I love the end of November, because I can stop doing the vaguely winter-y things I was doing and just start pretending it’s Christmas. I love dropping pretenses.  

First off, Unsplash for excellent photos like the featured one on this post. Kinda wish I had the opportunity to take photos like this on my own, but we can’t all be travel photographers.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Light is the first of the November favorites. It’s got nice, medium coverage and just as much staying power as the original Double Wear. I love the lightness to this formula!

Toby’s Estate coffee beans. That’s what we serve at Maman, and it’s magical.

Aurate Jewelry. This look especially has my eye.


The OED Twitter account. Do I love words? Yes. Do I hate myself? Not especially. That’s why words like callithumpian, gammoner and philautia are now in my lexicon.

Pollux Zine and zines in general. I’m such a sucker for good print media.

The Office, which is… not surprising. Why did I wait so long to marathon this show I don’t even know

What are some of your November favorites?

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