Brooklyn Bridge at Sunrise

Last weekend, my cousin, my roommate and I decided it would be an excellent idea to have some time to bond with nature. (Actually, we drunkenly decided that it would be a good idea to cross the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise. It was 11:30 and I had had a whole bottle of wine and we were watching “A Series of Unfortunate Events” and it just sounded like a good idea, ok? Walking to Brooklyn sounded like a good idea.)

Surprise: we woke up late! Nobody wanted to get out of bed, being hungover and warm in our beds. (Our apartment is freezing. More on that later, but I have no control over the temperature of my home anymore and sometimes I cry about it and it’s fine, ok?)

Once we did get up though, I was a ball of energy. (You can ask roomz; she thought I’d snuck coffee into my room before she’d gotten up. This never happens in the mornings for me.) I was so excited to check this item off my bucket list that I could not wait to get on the train.

Sunrise that day was right around 7:20 a.m., so I wanted to be on the train by 6:40 to get there in time to watch the sun break the horizon. As I said though, we were late, so that didn’t happen. It was just getting light when we got out of the subway station, so we still got to watch the sun come up over the East River. Our walk across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise was so beautiful that I wanted to cry–I didn’t though, because then my face would have actually frozen.

There was no one on the bridge with us, save four runners, two cops and one irritatingly precious
and giggly couple. It was weird to have such a landmark all to ourselves! This gorgeous walk over the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise was a stark contrast to the first time I walked over the bridge. It was late October, early afternoon, and absolutely teeming with people. It was gross.

Remember this? The crowd situation was unideal. I almost got run over by an overzealous cyclist. So rude



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