February Favorites

Wow, uh… hi y’all. Preface to the February favorites: It’s been a beat again. Sorry about that.

I think I told you once that I started a new job? Yeah? So, as it turns out, working is moderately exhausting. I come home from my “glamorous adult job” and eat a giant helping of pasta before falling face-first into my bed and watching an obscene number of episodes of “Bones” or “Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (!!!!)” I guess you could say I’m having a nineties/oughts moment. Or a David Boreanaz moment. You could also say that I’m succumbing to severe fatigue and that I should go to bed and leave work earlier, but I would ignore you.

I’ve been emailing myself links for the past nine weeks (because, yeah, I’ve been at my grown-ass-up job for nine weeks and haven’t been fired!!!!) and then neglecting to get on the computer to share them with you. (Seriously–this is the first time in a week and a half that I’ve opened my personal computer. Besides having 69 unread emails (lol) on an email account that I no longer use, I don’t think I missed much.) But apparently you guys have still been reading??? Because you’re amazing. Thanks for that.

So, because I’m not only tired but also ~ded af~ on the weekends, I’m going to pose y’all a question: what do you want to see me do or write about? Researching shit to do on the weekends, while fun to do on my lunch break (also lol–lunch is frequently just office coffee and toast/almond butter), is still exhausting. There’s a lot to do here.

But you came here for February favorites, right? Not to read me droning on about my ADD?

So, with no further ado, here are my favorite things:

Coveteur’s city guides, which I can’t believe I’m only finding now.

100 Days of Overthinking, which is just so pleasing to my illustration-loving heart.

The Home Edit’s blog, which is literally just a blog about organizing things. I know this isn’t supposed to happen, but this is some weird kind of erotic to me. I swear it’s normal.

Breakfast recipes collected by The Everygirl that I’ll be exhausting in the coming weeks.

THIS SWEATER that happens to be both nautical and NOT BLUE. hOW?!

This gorgeous pink sweater and this lovely pink scarf both because I love pink and because &other stories could make a garbage bag that I would want to wear. (Case in point here.)

This neat-ass blog. I <3 travel blogs; didn’t you know?

My life motto. (That’s not really accurate. My life motto is something more along the lines of “sleep never, if you can help it” or “this would taste better in France.”)

This and this and this and this and this from the Reformation, because what kind of New Yorker would I be if I didn’t like them?

My rooftop, which brings me views like these:


That’s all, folks. What were your February favorites?

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