About tinymisstyler:

I’m Tyler. Welcome to tinymisstyler – my little space on the Internet – where you’ll read about food, travel, style and the little luxuries that make life bearable.

I’m a language-learner, cape wearer, critical thinker, Tchaikovsky lover, film viewer, line drawer and amateur typography buff. Some people call me observant, others call me a snob and others still call me a connoisseur. I just say that I like deep breaths, comfy hotel beds and time to think over a cup of coffee…and capes. I love capes. Read on, and I’ll show you the right places, spaces and ways to spend your hard-earned time.

Other irrelevant facts about me? I appreciate great/bad puns. I’m a writer, a listener, a sketcher, a photographer, a reader and a lot of other things. I love music but play horribly. I collect French quotes like some people collect stamps. I dance frequently and poorly. I am a slave to the VSCO and Vogue Runway apps. I love being outside and I love people-watching. I grew up somewhere between the kitchen, the library and the nearest department store, but I find that my current happy place is the airport. I endeavor to eat my way around the world and to remember every second of it.

Changez votre vie aujourd’hui. Ne pariez pas sur l’avenir; agissez maintenant, sans délai.

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